Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year, New You

January 2nd. We are 2 days in to a brand new year. There is something energizing about New Year's. I'm a very goal-driven, forward-thinking person naturally & it seems that this time of year everyone seems to be focused on making progress. There is hope in the idea of starting over with a clean slate. Moving on from 2015 & creating what will happen in 2016.

I find it interesting though, that by February, many of our hopes will already be memories & many of our goals will be faded on the notepad you wrote them down on. Why is this? It was hope that brought excitement, focus & intentionality...what is it that destroys it? What is it that sidetracks hope?

I've seen many people posting about their 'One Word' for 2016. A great idea, but I sometimes wonder how many will remember their one word by the end of the year. Hope is an interesting thing. It's a powerful concept. But we have to live within that hope or we drift. It's really that simple. When we drift outside of our hope we open the door to all kinds of distractions in our lives.

So my one word is simple...FOCUS.

I want to focus on hope. As long as I have hope, I have a chance. As long as my hope is rooted in my relationship with Jesus, I have everything. From focusing on that hope, all of my other goals will be birthed. To be a better husband & father. To become a better leader/teacher. To have more impact/influence. To continue to develop healthy habits in my life. All of these will be an overflow of my one word goal...hope.

It's amazing how one word...hope...can set the tone for an entire year. It's a new year...will it be a new you?

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